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Armus, MB is a leading plastic injection molding company located in Lithuania. We are able to turn our customers requirements into the optimal injection molding solution for their needs. Our team is always ready to help you in design of your plastic product, and reach your market at the price point you need. Moreover we are able to offer wide spectrum of different polymer raw materials in order to make most competitive product by keeping highest quality

Our main activities:

Production of plastic products by injection molding process
Supply of master batches and additives for achieving the best product properties
Supply of polymer resins and raw materials
Armus plastic reels are popular light weight, durableand are anin expensive package solution for – plastic strapping manufacturers. All of these products are made from 100 percent plastic, which allows for better waste management and recycling.

User benefits:


•Rugged, durable
•Lighter weight for safe handling
•With stand extreme weather conditions



• 406mm plasticcore
• 200mm plasticcore
• Plastic reel
• Colormasterbatches
• Rawmaterials: PE, PP, PET, PA, PC, ABS, PC/ABS, PVC


Company address:
J.Baltrušaičio g. 9-146, LT-06145